Innovation in Perspiration

Wristful Thinking Wrist Bands for Marketing

Wristful Thinking ┬« wristbands were invented by Brandi, an avid runner and fashion designer, after seeing a lifeless runner at mile ten of a half marathon race in 2011. 

NO ONE knew what to do to help him before the paramedics arrived. Brandi finished the race without a feeling of success, but more so a feeling of sadness,  vowing that “not knowing what to do” should never happen again.

Using her circular knitting development experience, the first flat-surface wristband was born. The wristband was brought to the market with the American Heart Association’s  ‘Hands Only CPR’ instructions.

Various Designs Available for Wrist Bands

“I tried a Wristful Thinking┬« Wristband and found it to be comfortable and easy to get used to … “

Read more of this article by Cid Cardoso, Jr. on the
Endurance Magazine Website.

Wristful Thinking ┬« wristbands have grown to be a GREAT motivational, informational sweat relief product. One size fits most! Made of super-soft moisture wicking yarn.  Patent Protected (USD731345S1). WEAR   IT   FOR   LIFE!